Strip That Fat Diet Review ? Part 2

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What diets have actually worked for you?

I'm a firm believer in not just dieting but creating a healthy lifestyle, something that a person can stick to. With that being said, what diets have worked for you? Have you stuck to them and made them apart of your lifestyle or did you just diet short term? Read more »

Ramble: Diets etc! (Recorded on iPhone 4) Obviously this is just my personal waffle - don't take any dietary advice seriously. Take it in the spirit it is meant a sharing of ideas and experience but not a firm recommendation on how to live your life In case anyone asks... Face: Revlon Colorstay and Bobbi Brown moisturisation foundation (my new […] Read more »

Diet Pills ? a Real Life Account

Following is a real life account of an obese person who was about to die due to his overweight and related diseases. The story is how he got rid of the problem of obesity. We are bringing the story here with the hope that definitely the story will encourage people to lose extra weight and […] Read more »