The Dangers Of Dieting


Do you know someone who had a lot of health problems after dieting? Maybe you found you had health related issues after dieting. There are many dangers of dieting that you should be aware depending on the plan you choose. The idea of dieting should really be looked at fully when you consider the dangers of dieting and the plan you will follow.

First of all, having health related issues do to dieting are very common. A less extreme example of the dangers of dieting can be seen in the old grapefruit diet. It was thought that if you ate a grapefruit for breakfast everyday you would lose weight. This was of course in combination with a decent lunch and a well-rounded dinner. You were also supposed to be exercising during this time. Well most individuals who tried the grapefruit diet now have intolerance to acidic foods. This means they cannot drink acidic juices or even eat highly acidic fruit like grapefruit or oranges without having medical issues. It could just be stomach pain or diarrhea, however it can be as serious as developing an allergy to the food where you constantly get sick from eating it.

Other dangers of dieting may include loosing bone mass. If you lose weight in a very short amount of time chances are you are losing bone mass, especially if you lack calcium on the diet you have chosen. Bone mass is important for our health because a lack of it can cause brittle bone disease or osteoporosis.

If you chose the wrong diet plan where you are not eating enough, you run the risk of becoming anorexic. This means you will lose a lot of your weight, including muscles. This is perhaps one of the most important dangers of dieting you need to be aware of. You need to eat enough food to sustain your life. While anorexia is consider a psychological disorder it can be brought on during dieting. You may feel you are not losing enough weight, even though you have. If you experience this danger of dieting, you should seek help immediately from a physician.

Another popular way of dieting is the diet pill. This is an extreme danger of dieting. Diet pills tend to become addictive whether it is because of their properties, as nicotine is addictive or related more to the psychological elements. Some substances have been known to create a chemical imbalance in your brain. This chemical imbalance will make you want to take the pills even when you have lost enough weight or it could cause a disorder.

There are certain disorders you may be genetically predisposed towards where you will lose weight or gain weight. Diet pills or other dieting methods and therefore fall under the dangers of dieting can affect these types of disorders. Such disorders may include hyper and hypothyroidism. These disorders while in treatment can cause a fluctuation in weight. You have to be on certain drugs to help regulate these disorders sometimes and these pills can interfere with other methods of dieting such as diet pills.

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